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I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what this site is about.  I created this website for those comic collectors who like more than just the mainstream, modern comics.  I think that I just wanted to review and highlight comics that aren't hyped up, but have great art and storylines.

The Comic Review Blog

I will select weekly comics to review.  Sometimes they are new off of the stand, and sometimes they will be quarter comics.  The comics reviewed on this site are mainstream and off the grid comics as well. Please feel free to read, comment, and contribute to the blog.

Comic News Blog

I will be blogging and updating readers about the news going on in the comic industry.  This includes any news in Las Vegas, and across the country.

Hot Finds

This is the place where I get to brag about all of the extremely good deals that I find in comics shops.  You have to see this in order to believe it!!!!  For me, this is the most exciting part of comic book hunting. 


I always want something fun on some part of my website......There are plenty of games to play and tinker with.  Also, there are links to cool gaming sites as well.

    Please Give Me FeedBack about my site......or if You want to link to my site please send me a contact.  I am always glad to network with other.

Directory and Link Exchange

The following websites are ones that I work with to list and promote my website.  To anyone developing a site, I suggest visiting and signing up for these sites.    Give it a try, because free advertising is the best advertising.
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