Written by Chris McNair


This page is dedicated to all of the good deals that I find in the comic stores that I frequent in Las Vegas.  There are at least two stores that I know of in Las Vegas that have excellent 25 cent comics.  I also know of a place in las vegas that has a ton of mint condition back issues that are boarded and bagged for $1.00 each.  I personally think that building your collection for $5 at a time is an excellent strategy for building your comic catalog.  And just think, some of these comic deal might turn out to be worth a small fortune some day.  If I can keep my collection until I am 50 (which is in 20 years, then I will be sort of rich.

SleepWalker #3, Marvel Comics 1991   (25cents)

This was the era that I started collecting comics, so I am definitely parital to comic books in the early 1990's.

Machine Man 2020 #2, Marvel Comics 1994  (25cents)

I love the machine man comics, it reminds me of that movie, Lawnmower Man.  Besides, this comic was in too good of shape to pass up.

Terror Inc #3, Marvel Comics 1992 (25cents)

This cover reminds me of Punisher, and his comics from the early 1990's.  I bought this one at Maximum Comics in las vegas for a quarter. 

Day of Vengeance #1, DC Comics 2007   (25cents)

I am not a fan of modern comics but I am a sucker for a first issue.

Infinity Inc. #1, DC Comics 2007 (25 cents)

This is a number one issue of infinity inc.  I like the cover, and it has a good story as well.