Written by Chris McNair
The storyline is a bit choppy.  The main character is a police officer who is gunned down, and resurrected by a Jewish Rabbi.  The Rabbi performed a mystical spell, where he can only continue to live if he kills the person who tried to kill him.  In the end, the resurrected cop gets his man, and the rabbi continues to resurrect other people.

The good aspects of this comic include Black and White art, with great detail.  The art is also awesome because the artist gets graphic with the gunfire scenes.  The story line was changing and hard to follow, with too many leaps in logic.  Overall, I have to give this comic 8 out of 10.
This Comic is off the charts with sickness......The plot and storyline is morbid.  The story starts off with hardening facts about children in foster care across the US, shows a troubled foster care youth and his girlfriend, and then moves to a scene where the troubled youth shoots another person sitting in a luxury car.  As the plot goes on, you meet the evil, raunchy foster mother.  She turns out to be the ring leader who is warping and directing these young people to kill, mame, and be just plain creepy.  I give this comic a 10 out of 10.  I haven't read anything like this in ages!!!!!!!
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