Written by Chris McNair
I have blogged about this topic before, and find it fascinating how much emphasis is put on the potential of the Ipad to either boost or destroy the comic book industry.  Mainstream news articles tout that the IPAD is seen by the major comic book industries as a way to give a new rebirth to modern comics.

I just want to inject at this point.  First of all, I hope that IPAD comics don't replace comic book stores, which is another theme found in these article.   And furthermore, I highly doubt that the comic book store will be hurt or effected by the IPAD for one reason: comic book stores have a hell of a lot more that comic books.  They have past issues, graphic novels, toys, quarter comics, posters, 6 foot tall statues, and life size cutouts of comic book characters.  The experience of the comic book store would be missed as well.  Not to mention that strange yet intriguing conversations I have had in comic stores.

Another point I would like to make is that changing the medium doesn't change the comics.  If the comic book industry wants to have a rebirth, they need new comic books.  When you compare modern comic books to bronze age comic, you find that new comic books don't compare.  I would like to boldly state that the new comics in the last ten years have been horrible.  The only good thing about the comic industry in the last ten years that has been good has been the movie adaptations (Spider Man and DareDevil), which are based on older comic book characters.
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