Written by Chris McNair
I know this will upset 90% of the bloggers that read this, but this is the best comic-based movie ever made.  I think it is because of the serious (no joker pun intended) nature of the movie.  The previous batman movies were set in an animated world, where as this new version of the comic hero and villan is real and scary at times.
This clip shows the start difference between the joke of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson.  I really think that the Health Ledger joker is more believable.  I really didn't connect with the Joker in the 1989 movie, but then again I didn't like batman movies until the Dark Knight.  
Batman and Robin
Now, check out this clip of Batman and Robin movie.  Yeah, you probably remember this movie.  And yes, the plot gets worse as we go along in these reviews. This is the worst comic based movie ever made (most bloggers would agree with me on that).  Both the Batman and Robin characters are laughable and not tough.  Watching these two movies shows the vast difference in characters, actors, and storyline.  I like Batman better as a ruthless vigilante, rather than a dolled up movie icon.

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